Why is it important to detail your vehicle?

Colorado has numerous climates all within hours of each other thanks to having the highest mountains of the Continental Divide. The temperatures have set records from -61° F in Maybell (year 1985) to 118° F in Bennett (year 1888). These various temperatures and climates from the mountains to the plains can have a hard impact on your vehicle inside and out.
Road salt and other chemicals or road remedies, such as sand, can chip and eat right through your paint. Washing, polishing and waxing your car's paint helps protect the metal underneath.
Proper cleaning of your headlights and taillights will prevent and reduce the reduction of light.
Cleaning the inside of your vehicle helps to remove debris, odors, and protects surfaces from fading, staining, and cracking.
Removing any oil, solvents, brake dust and other chemicals and debris from the tires reduces the chances of your tires from cracking the sidewalls and allows breaks to work properly.
Detailing your engine not only improves the appearance, but can increase the life span of other components in the engine bay, such as seals.
Besides improving the overall health of your vehicle. having your vehicle detailed can improve resale value and potentially add $100s to $1000s dollars more in value.

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