1: Fans want a NCIS and Hawaii Five-0 crossover with McGarrett and Gibbs.

2: A NCIS and Criminal Minds crossover featuring Gibbs and Rossi has fans buzzing.

3: Will there be a NCIS and JAG crossover with Harmon and Bell as leads?

4: Fans are eager for a NCIS and Magnum P.I. crossover starring McGarrett and Higgins.

5: A NCIS and SEAL Team crossover with Jason and Gibbs would be epic.

6: The possibility of a NCIS and Scorpion crossover has fans excited for Walter and Gibbs team-up.

7: Could there be a NCIS and Blue Bloods crossover with Gibbs and Frank Reagan?

8: Fans are clamoring for a NCIS and MacGyver crossover featuring Gibbs and Mac.

9: The Tony and Ziva NCIS spinoff starring Weatherly and de Pablo is a dream come true for fans.