1: "Greek Salad Skewers" - Kids will love these colorful and healthy snacks at your Mediterranean diet-themed birthday party.

2: "Hummus and Veggie Cups" - A fun and easy-to-eat appetizer that fits perfectly with the Mediterranean theme.

3: "Olive Oil Painting Station" - Let kids get creative with food-safe paint and olive oil on canvas.

4: "Mediterranean Fruit Kabobs" - Fresh fruit on sticks is a sweet and simple addition to the party.

5: "Pita Pocket Pizzas" - Kids can customize their own mini pizzas with Mediterranean flavors.

6: "Herb Garden Party Favors" - Send guests home with potted herbs for a fun and practical keepsake.

7: "Mediterranean Flavored Ice Cream Bar" - Cool off with unique ice cream flavors like olive oil or fig.

8: "Tzatziki Dipping Station" - A creamy and tangy dip perfect for pairing with veggies or pita chips.

9: "Mediterranean Themed Photo Booth" - Create a backdrop with blue and white decor for photo ops.