1: Tony and Ziva embrace parenthood and balance family life with their spy careers.

2: In an unexpected turn, Tony becomes the director of NCIS while Ziva takes on top-secret missions.

3: Their love story blossoms as they navigate the challenges of being in a high-stakes relationship.

4: A new threat emerges, testing their loyalty and resolve to protect each other at all costs.

5: Tony and Ziva face old enemies and uncover long-buried secrets that could change everything.

6: Their bond is put to the ultimate test when a mysterious figure from their past resurfaces.

7: Amidst the chaos, Tony and Ziva find strength in each other and their unwavering trust.

8: As they fight for justice and peace, Tony and Ziva's legacy as a power couple is cemented.

9: In a thrilling conclusion, Tony and Ziva's future is uncertain, but their love remains timeless.