1: 1. Tony and Ziva settle into family life. 2. The couple faces new challenges. 3. Tony and Ziva navigate their careers. 4. Tony and Ziva's children grow up fast.

2: 5. Tony and Ziva reflect on their NCIS days. 6. The couple enjoys a romantic getaway. 7. Tony and Ziva's bond grows stronger. 8. The couple faces old enemies.

3: 9. Tony and Ziva make a shocking discovery. 10. The couple's past comes back to haunt them. 11. Tony and Ziva's relationship is put to the test. 12. The couple's secrets are revealed.

4: 13. Tony and Ziva face a life-changing decision. 14. The couple is forced to confront their fears. 15. Tony and Ziva's love story continues. 16. The couple's future hangs in the balance.

5: 17. Tony and Ziva welcome a new addition to their family. 18. The couple celebrates their anniversary. 19. Tony and Ziva reconnect with old friends. 20. Tony and Ziva embark on a new adventure.

6: 21. Tony and Ziva's love is put to the ultimate test. 22. The couple faces a dangerous threat. 23. Tony and Ziva fight for their family. 24. Tony and Ziva's happiness is at stake.

7: 25. Tony and Ziva's bond is unbreakable. 26. The couple's loyalty is tested. 27. Tony and Ziva's love story inspires others. 28. Tony and Ziva's journey is far from over.

8: 29. Tony and Ziva's passion reignites. 30. The couple faces a new challenge. 31. Tony and Ziva's love conquers all. 32. Tony and Ziva's legacy lives on.

9: 33. Tony and Ziva's happily ever after. 34. The couple's journey continues. 35. Tony and Ziva redefine true love.