1: Savor the season with these delicious Mediterranean diet grilling recipes for winter BBQs.

2: Grilled lemon herb chicken skewers: a light and flavorful dish perfect for any winter gathering.

3: Mouthwatering Mediterranean grilled shrimp: an easy and elegant option for your BBQ menu.

4: Lemon garlic grilled vegetables: a colorful and healthy side dish for winter BBQs.

5: Grilled lamb chops with tzatziki sauce: a decadent Mediterranean twist on classic BBQ fare.

6: Mediterranean grilled salmon: a rich and satisfying entree for winter outdoor feasts.

7: Grilled Greek lemon potatoes: a tangy and savory side that complements any BBQ spread.

8: Grilled halloumi cheese salad: a unique and gourmet option for winter BBQs.

9: Finish off your meal with grilled fruit kabobs: a sweet and refreshing end to your Mediterranean-inspired feast.