1: "Swap sugary drinks for green tea to reduce inflammation and improve brain health."

2: "Choose salmon over processed meats for omega-3 fatty acids that support cognitive function."

3: "Opt for whole grains instead of refined carbs to stabilize blood sugar levels and protect brain health."

4: "Trade fried foods for nuts and seeds rich in antioxidants that fight oxidative stress."

5: "Replace sugary snacks with berries to boost memory and reduce cognitive decline."

6: "Switch out butter for olive oil to improve heart health and lower Alzheimer's risk."

7: "Choose leafy greens over red meat for vitamins and minerals that support brain function."

8: "Opt for turmeric instead of salt for its anti-inflammatory properties that protect against dementia."

9: "Trade ice cream for Greek yogurt to boost gut health and enhance cognitive abilities."