1: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 Samsung’s affordable A15 outshines Apple’s dated iPhone 4 in performance and features.

2: S22 Ultra vs iPhone 4 Samsung’s flagship S22 Ultra dominates iPhone 4 with its superior camera and stunning display.

3: Galaxy A15 vs S22 Ultra Samsung’s A15 impresses with its value, while S22 Ultra stands out for its premium features.

4: Samsung Phones vs iPhone 4 Samsung’s diverse range of phones outperforms Apple’s aging iPhone 4 in every aspect.

5: Galaxy A15 Camera Capture breathtaking photos with A15’s advanced camera technology, beating out iPhone 4 easily.

6: S22 Ultra Display Experience unparalleled visual quality with S22 Ultra’s stunning display, leaving iPhone 4 behind.

7: Samsung Phones Features Explore the endless features of Samsung phones, surpassing the limited capabilities of iPhone 4.

8: A15 vs S22 Ultra Performance Witness powerful performance with A15 and S22 Ultra, overshadowing the outdated iPhone 4.

9: Samsung Phones Win In the battle of Galaxy A15, S22 Ultra vs iPhone 4, Samsung phones emerge victorious with their innovative technology.