1: Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4: Samsung's superior features outshine Apple's outdated model.

2: Samsung's Galaxy A15 offers advanced specs, design, and performance over the iPhone 4.

3: Samsung wins the battle of Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 with its impressive camera capabilities.

4: Galaxy A15's battery life and processing power surpass the limited capabilities of the iPhone 4.

5: Apple's iPhone 4 falls short in comparison to Samsung's Galaxy A15 in terms of display quality.

6: Samsung emerges victorious in the Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 battle with its affordable pricing.

7: Galaxy A15 outshines iPhone 4 with its modern design, sleek look, and high-resolution display.

8: Samsung dominates the competition with its Galaxy A15, leaving iPhone 4 in the dust.

9: In the Galaxy A15 vs iPhone 4 showdown, Samsung emerges as the clear winner with its cutting-edge technology.