1: Title: Keto Diet for Epileptic Babies Content: Learn how the ketogenic diet offers hope for babies with epilepsy resistant to traditional treatments.

2: Title: Understanding Epilepsy and Keto Content: Discover the science behind how the keto diet can help control seizures in infants suffering from epilepsy.

3: Title: Benefits of Keto for Babies Content: Explore the potential benefits of a ketogenic diet for infants struggling with medication-resistant epilepsy.

4: Title: How Keto Works for Seizure Control Content: Delve into how the keto diet helps regulate brain activity and reduce seizures in babies with epilepsy.

5: Title: Success Stories with Keto Diet Content: Read inspiring stories of babies finding relief from seizures through the ketogenic diet for epilepsy.

6: Title: Implementing Keto for Infants Content: Learn how to safely and effectively introduce a ketogenic diet to babies with epilepsy under medical supervision.

7: Title: Managing Keto and Epilepsy Content: Discover tips for parents on navigating the challenges of implementing a ketogenic diet for their epileptic baby.

8: Title: Keto Diet Safety and Monitoring Content: Understand the importance of monitoring and adjusting the keto diet for infants with epilepsy to ensure safety.

9: Title: Continued Hope with Keto Content: Find ongoing support and resources for families seeking seizure control through the ketogenic diet for their baby.