1: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a 108MP main camera, while Xiaomi 14 Ultra features a 50MP main camera.

2: Both phones offer impressive zoom capabilities, with Samsung's 100x Space Zoom and Xiaomi's 120x digital zoom.

3: Samsung focuses on natural color reproduction, while Xiaomi excels in low light performance with its larger sensor.

4: Samsung's Pro Video mode allows for fine-tuned manual controls, whereas Xiaomi's AI features enhance convenience.

5: Both phones support 8K video recording, but Samsung's Director's View allows for seamless switching between cameras.

6: Xiaomi's HDR10+ support ensures vibrant and detailed video playback, while Samsung prioritizes dynamic range.

7: Samsung's Single Take feature captures multiple shots and videos with one press, showcasing versatility.

8: Xiaomi's Ultra Night mode delivers stunning results in low light conditions, giving users an edge in nighttime photography.

9: In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Ultra offer diverse camera experiences, catering to different preferences and shooting styles.