1: Fans guessed Kate's return in 'First Blood' after spotting subtle clues in the teaser trailer.

2: Ziva's exit in 'Shiva' was foreseen by sleuths who spotted foreshadowing in previous episodes.

3: Predictions about Gibbs' departure in 'Rule Fifty-One' came true, shocking fans worldwide.

4: Tony's promotion to lead agent was guessed by keen-eyed viewers after hints in season 7.

5: McGee's undercover mission in 'Frame-Up' didn't surprise fans who saw hints in earlier episodes.

6: Abby's emotional exit in 'Family First' was anticipated by sharp-eyed viewers.

7: Fans predicted Bishop's romantic involvement with Torres in the episode 'Loose Cannons.'

8: Sloane's departure in 'Two Steps Back' shocked fans but was anticipated by some astute viewers.

9: The twist involving Palmer in 'Baltimore' was guessed by attentive fans who paid close attention to subtle clues.